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A.B's Biscuits: Hand-Made Shortbreads & Cookies by our Clients

 At All Areas Care and Support, we are dedicated to prioritizing the well-being and success of our clients. That's why we offer in-home and community support services. We are thrilled to introduce a captivating skill development program that allows our clients to actively participate in the creation, packaging, distribution, and sale of our delicious biscuits.
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All Areas Care and Support would like to invite you to show your interest and support of this initiative by providing a physical outlet to enable the biscuits sales to continue to be successful.

A.B's Biscuits: Hand-Made Delights by our Clients

We promote, market and sell our hand-made Cookies and Shortbread, and all proceeds directly contribute to the support program. By purchasing A.B’s Biscuits, you are not only treating yourself to our delicious biscuits, but also supporting future disability programs that benefit our clients. All biscuits are hand-made and baked by our Clients!

Available Cookie Varieties:

Shortbread Biscuits - with & without sprinkled Sugar
Shortbread with Jam Drops
Cookies with White Chocolate Buds & Cranberries
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cookies with Pistachio's
Cornflake Cookies
Anzac Biscuits
Almond Biscuits
M & M Cookies

Biscuit Sales and Contact Information

The program takes place in a licenced commercial kitchen. The clients are supported by two chefs and staff with hospitality experience to provide the necessary health and safety requirements, quality product and skill development for our clients.

The clients are actively involved with the entire process of making biscuits, from measuring ingredients, rolling out dough and shaping the biscuits, baking and finally packaging before sale. This initiative gives our clients a sense of purpose, social interactions, and the opportunity to showcase their skills in the selling of the biscuits.

All proceeds from the sale of the biscuits are directly used to continue to provide exciting opportunities for our clients to continue to increase their social skills, skill development and interests.

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